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Camp Shout
Camp Shout is a ministry of Jubilee Fellowship Christian Reformed Church.
The purpose of this ministry is: To extend God’s love and compassion among families in
Niagara through a fun, subsidized, safe-space, Christian, summer day-camp.
The camp will:
– provide a safe place for children to develop healthy relationships with God and community
– grow and cultivate the seeds of God’s love among and beyond Jubilee Fellowship CRC
– welcome children from marginalized families
– enrich summertime experiences through art, Bible stories, songs, games and physical activities
– create lasting relationships with participating families
– mentor youth and university students in positions of leadership in ministry
– help staff and volunteers to develop character and team-building skills
– cultivate networks with existing community social services to optimize family support.

To learn more about Camp SHOUT, or if you wish to donate to this ministry, feel free to contact us at