Hello and welcome to Camp SHOUT registration!

Camp Shout is available for children going into Grade 1 through Grade 6.

There are two versions of the Registration Form below. You can either print out the Printable Registration Form version,and after you have filled it out, please bring it to the church.  Or, if you would like to type out your registration and email it in, please upload the Fillable Registration Form, fill out your form online and email it to campshout@jubileecrc.org.

Emma and Kadie, our head counsellors, have office hours:
May 29-June 30: 9am-3pm July 2-6:9am-5pm July 9-Aug 3 8am-5pm

If you have any questions about registration please email campshout@jubileecrc.org.

We will be having a registration day on June 12 from 9:30-2:30 where you can come and drop off your registrations or ask questions!

We are so excited to see you this summer!

We understand that the Emergency Contact cannot be filled out electronically, so please attach/fill the emergency contact’s information separately either through email or by hand. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.




More information about our LIT (Leader in Training, for kids going into grade 7 and above) program will be up at the end of June. If you have questions, please email our director Gracelyn Blundell at campshoutdirector@jubileecrc.org for now, until our Youth Development Coordinator Robyn Folkerts is in full time.
We need help at lunch! In order for our hardworking staff to have a proper break, we need extra helping hands from 12-1pm each day. Being a lunchtime volunteer includes supervising campers while they eat lunch and have some free time. We want to make being a volunteer as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. You will never be on your own – there will always be staff helping alongside you. If you are interested in being a lunchtime volunteer, sign up using the google form below! Please contact Emma and Kadie at campshout@jubileecrc.org if you have any further questions.

Form: https://goo.gl/forms/sIpkb8KfdwhlcYh22div>


Camp SHOUT needs supplies for crafts and activities, which you might have at home! If it’s clean and in good condition, we are happy to take it. We need:

– Markers, crayons, pencil crayons, etc.
– Scissors
– Glue sticks
– Tape
– Pencil sharpeners
– Chalk
– Colouring books
– Hula hoops
– Games and puzzles
– Plastic tablecloths
– 2L plastic bottles
– Egg cartons
– Toilet paper/paper towel rolls
– Nut-free snacks (granola bars, crackers, etc.)

If you have anything you think Camp SHOUT could use, let us know!

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Camp Shout Video for local church support

Camp Shout
Camp Shout is a ministry of Jubilee Fellowship Christian Reformed Church.
The purpose of this ministry is: To extend God’s love and compassion among families in
Niagara through a fun, subsidized, safe-space, Christian, summer day-camp.
The camp will:
– provide a safe place for children to develop healthy relationships with God and community
– grow and cultivate the seeds of God’s love among and beyond Jubilee Fellowship CRC
– welcome children from marginalized families
– enrich summertime experiences through art, Bible stories, songs, games and physical activities
– create lasting relationships with participating families
– mentor youth and university students in positions of leadership in ministry
– help staff and volunteers to develop character and team-building skills
– cultivate networks with existing community social services to optimize family support.

To learn more about Camp SHOUT, or if you wish to donate to this ministry, feel free to contact us at campshoutdirector@jubileecrc.org.