The preaching of the Word and our worship experience is critical to shaping our lives to reflect God’s grace in our own lives and in the world around us. It is through seeking God’s will in prayer that our worship, our gathering as the body of Christ, and in engaging our community, must be infused with the work of the Holy Spirit.

Core Commitments:

  • Preaching of God’s Word that is biblical, authentic, culturally relevant, inspiring and engaging ways, enabling us to flourish and grow in our faith walk
  • Worshiping God in services that are celebrative, thoughtful, thematic, support the preaching, and follow the liturgical church year
  • Worshiping through music that is blended, incorporating contemporary songs, hymns and global songs, and which encourages congregational singing
  • Sharing our praises and petitions in prayer in the worship service and through a prayer ministry
  • Incorporating the arts in liturgical and visual art, drama, flowers, flagging and dance, and banners
  • Welcoming all ages, genders and abilities to participate in worship, and embracing a willingness to try new things in a flexible atmosphere
  • Celebrating the sacraments in meaningful, spiritual and personal ways
  • Using technology to enhance worship through visuals, video, testimonies, and to share these through social media
  • Encouraging First Fruits giving in gratitude and trust
  • Being agents of renewal as we live out our place in God’s redemptive plan and the big story of salvation.