(Junior High)

ACTS is a spirited, Spirit-led ministry that seeks to apply the biblical story to early-teen concerns and pressures. This exciting program involves the early-teens in a host of social activities, service projects and study nights. The study nights are usually topical discussions. Service projects are local, such as food drives or fundraising for local service organizations such as The RAFT or Community Care. ACTS brings together boys and girls, ages 11-13, and meets during Jubilee Night.

Filmed and produced by Julie Hoff.


(High school)

Our youth group, self-named the “Jubilee Jubes,” is part of a faith-developing ministry that incorporates learning with the living out of one’s faith. This relationship-building ministry includes all of the following: exciting outings, discussion evenings, service projects, retreats and small group faith formation nights. We have monthly service opportunities and participate in a week-long service project once every four years. Our youth group meets during Jubilee Night and brings together high-school-aged teens.