Jubilee Fellowship Church is a community of people trying to follow Jesus in the places where God has put us. The programs here at Jubilee are important, and there’s good information on this website about those ministries. But none of our ministries are as important as the people who are a part of them. As I’ve lived within this church community, I’ve been engaged by all sorts of different people: People who are both young and old, both put-together and struggling along, who are interesting and frustrating and fun and hospitable. I hope you get a chance to meet some of these people.

I hope that Jubilee is a place where we can find our way through life, together. A place where people who have been following Jesus for a long, long time can both share with and learn from people who are still trying to figure out what Jesus means in the world in which we find ourselves. I hope that every time we come together, God reminds us that He loves us, and that we don’t have to walk the journey of this life on our own.

I pray that you encounter God. He’s here—you can be sure about that. There’s no place that He isn’t, and we often run into God in people and in places when we least expect Him. I’d like to invite you to join us for worship at Jubilee, to make friends and drink coffee, to speak to the Lord and be spoken to by His Spirit, who’s always here. God is always moving between people, always up to something, always making things new. And that’s our hope.

Thanks for reading.
Peace to you in Jesus’ name,

Pastor Woodrow Dixon