What should I wear?

At Jubilee there are those that wear suits and those that don’t. People who wear a dress and people who wear jeans. Our first concern is bringing people to a closer, living relationship with God, not what you look like. So come as you are!

What is the service like?

No matter your age or background, we want you to feel at home, welcomed and enabled to connect with God in a real way at Jubilee. The worship is a blend of contemporary and traditional elements centred on scriptural text. We lead music with piano, guitars and drums in a blend of music that we hope connects with people, that is deep in meaning and that honours and lifts up God. Our pastor leads us to themes that are biblically faithful, Christ-centred and contextually relevant.

Where do my kids go?

We provide nursery care for all children under the age of 3 during the entire service. We invite kids ages 3 to grade 5 to join our program called JOY JAM. Your kids are welcome to go downstairs partway through the service to join together in a time of storytelling, art, music and drama.

Will I be asked to give?

If you are a first time guest with us, we want you to simply be a part of the worship experience. If you like it and want to call Jubilee your church home, then we believe giving financially to God and his church is the right thing to do as part of the family.